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Don't take life too seriously!

We at 80s Summer Camp have set out on a quest to add more positivity to the world in any way, shape, or form that we can while at the same time bringing more attention to Mental Health Awareness. 
It is our mission to help as many people as we can, to reconnect with their inner child, in an attempt to reduce stress and negativity that can be overwhelming in today’s world.
80s Summer Camp is a Positivity Group/ Mental Health Initiative that aims to promote mental health awareness through positivity, inclusion, grass roots activities, communication and creativity. 

Camp Counsellors

Keith Muise

Age: 37


From: Stephenville/St Georges Newfoundland


Places I’ve lived: Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Alberta. 


Why: Doing nice things for people and making them laugh are things that make me happy. Since there have been so many changes and loss in my life over the past 7 years, I decided that I needed an outlet or my anxiety, fear and anger was going to consume me. Now that I have a new outlook on life I am obsessed with the acquisition, construction and retention of happiness and positivity in manner I can get it. I want to show the world that positivity, love and creativity can be the norm if we let it and I will work my hardest to achieve my goal. 


Day Job: Special Education Teacher


Fun Stuff: I really like rainy days and I two drastically different sized feet. One is size 8 and the other size 11.5. I love movies that have cold settings and my favorite food is pizza. Happy things make me cry more than sad things do and I am terrified of snakes. 


What inspires me: My son and wife inspire me. Love inspires me. Nature, music and the idea that we can change the world, even if it’s only for ourselves that we are changing it, all inspire me.

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Chris Power

Age: 36


From: Stephenville, Newfoundland


Places I’ve lived: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Ontario 


Why: To help people live more fulfilling, happier lives.  


Day Job: Leadership Development Consultant (Speaking, Training, Coaching)


Fun Stuff: I like stuff......more specifically I love spending time with my family and photography. 


What inspires me: Life.

Toronto, ON Canada

Ian Fowlow

Age: 36

From: Stephenville, NL

Places I’ve lived: Newfoundland, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

Why: The best times in my life have been when I had a positive outlook and surrounded myself with positive people. I see this as a great opportunity to enrich the lives of others while doing the same for myself.

Day Job: Industrial Sales.

Fun Stuff: I’m 6’3” and terrible at basketball, I can speak English and French, I have one brother, one wife and two dogs.

What inspires me: The resilience of the human spirit.

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Jeff Villard

Age: 33

From: Prince Edward Island, Canada


Places I’ve lived: Calgary, AB (2008-2012)


Why (why you’re getting involved): “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.- Wayne Gretsky.” -Michael Scott


Day Job: Occupational Therapy/Mental Health


Fun Stuff: Plays guitar, enjoys stand up comedies, horror movies, but mainly just watches The Office.  Montreal Canadiens is my team.  


What inspires me: Tell me I ‘cannot’ do, be or have something – and that is the surest way to inspire me into action

Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Blake Hatcher

Age: 34


From: Newfoundland 


Places I’ve lived: Alberta, Mexico , Newfoundland, Manitoba 


Why: Keith Muise is family my cousin to be exact and when he asked me to be involved I had to say yes. We both feel strongly about helping people in need in any shape or form, and like me he believes there is too much negativity in this world and for no reason is it there so we wanna erase as much negativity as we can through positivity . We would love for as much people to get involved as possible in 80s summer camp to achieve this and feel the great feelings through positivity.


Day Job: Mobile Crane Operator


Fun Stuff: play hockey, football, basketball, Starwars fan ,  packers fan , bruins fan , raptors fan , blue jays fan , stranger things fan , love snowboarding, fishing , too much to name but feel free to contact with any questions I’ll be sure to answer them.


What inspires me: throughout life I’ve seen and known people who have suffered things. Some things I was able to help them through just by simply being there for them giving them someone to talk to. Then there’s people I don’t even know and when I see or read about what they are going through first thing to comes to my mind always is how can I help this person , family , or people. I’ve always just felt the need to help people

In any way I can.  I like always being positive and helping people never looking for a reward just me knowing I made a difference to one person , a family is always reward enough for me. 

Toronto, ON, Canada

Norm Gallant

Age: 36

From: Stephenville, NL

Places I’ve Lived: Newfoundland, Ontario, Nova Scotia

Why I’m Getting Involved:  To get people engaged with each other and spread positivity.


Day Job: Technical/Software Support


Things about me:  I love hockey, I play 5 nights a week, watch it when I can and collect trading cards.  I love to cook and love cooking for people, doing charity lunches etc.  I have 2 big dogs that are super fun to hang out with and who I go walking with every day.  I like to play my guitar when I can and if I can make someone laugh every day then that’s a good day.


What inspires me:  I try to draw inspiration from everywhere.  I see people doing good things for each other on the news, online, in public and try to take from what I see and help better my own, and other peoples lives.

Eastern Passage, NS, Canada

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