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Our T-shirts sport the 80s Summer Camp logo. It represents our message of positivity. We have about 2000 campers across Canada and the U.S, and more people taking part every day with campers in other countries like Australia, Israel, England, China, Mexico, Brazil, Scotland to name a handful.

Whenever someone receives a shirt we ask them to share a photo with us to show their support.

Here are a few of our supporters from around the world, click here to get your own shirt.

We sell t-shirts and use that money to give more away to people who A. Cannot afford one B. Need a pick me up or C. Are just plain awesome, in an attempt to include as many people as we can. When you receive your shirt, don't forget to take a pic for us!

We share these photos on our Social Media pages, if you want to see more then check them out.

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